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Are personality tests real? Ask a physicist...

Updated: Aug 2, 2023

Personality tests in the workplace is a $2 billion industry.

Physicist Sabine Hossenfelder tells us why we like personality tests so much -- because they give us a flattering summary of a description we just gave of ourselves. Her results never say, for example, that she's the kind of person who would make jokes at a funeral if not for being too introverted to talk to people.

We get asked a lot whether Power Pairs is a personality test. The answer is no.

The 49 Power Pairs are made of two dynamics, based on combinations of the seven dynamics in the Culture Map by The Culture Institute. The first dynamic, your Anchor, is your dominant core, the way you are in most situations most of the time. The second dynamic, your Spotlight, is contextual to your current challenge or opportunity and corresponds to our Taxonomy of Soft Skills. You evolve all the time. So does your Power Pair. It's a dynamic practice, not a fixed type. Power Pairs starts with a conversation. It's a way to develop the most essential skills quickly, in a focused way. Soft skills can't be automated.


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