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We help you discover your spotlight, step into it, and shine. 

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The Problem: Despite chaos, you need to develop yourself professionally. 

You're ready to take action on your goals. What are they? We help you discover the gold in yourself. 

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The Solution: Clarity about your goals.

And taking powerful yet simple actions to achieve them.  

How can Power Pairs™ Align Your Team?

What Clients Say about Power Pairs™

Passion for People and Work

Power Pairs is built on a collective history of trusted global partnerships and research.

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a succesful team aligned by power pairs, each person aware of their own anchor characteristic and spotlight capabilites

Hire Us to Help 

Whether you need to navigate individual challenges or your team needs visibility into group dynamics for seamless collective progress, we can help.

I Want to Take My Next Best Step

Take a deep breath.

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Created by work culture specialist and trusted executive advisor Rita J. King, Power Pairs™ is a partnership between Science House in New York City and The Culture Institute in St. Gallen, Switzerland.

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coming soon power pairs the book published by wiley in april 2024

Power Pairs – The Book

Power Pairs by Rita J. King will be
published by Wiley in April 2024.

A creative, pragmatic approach for building collaborative relationships and strong teams in the workplace, using cutting edge organizational and behavioral science to argue that human personalities aren't so much static "types" as a combination of innate impulses and shifting relational dynamics.

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