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Keeping the Lights On

Updated: Aug 7, 2023

Why does "keeping the lights on" often mean the boring parts of the work? Without the lights, there's nothing else.

I recently visited a historic lighthouse in Point Loma, California. The exhibit made one thing clear: everything revolves around one altruistic mission: keeping the light on. The lighthouse keeper is a Flexible Gardener (the opposite of Taylor Swift: Visionary Adaptor). He has an Aqua Anchor -- completely mission-driven, focused on the big picture of ships he can't see full of sailors he's never met out on the vast ocean. But in order to accomplish the countless tasks that arise every day to keep the light on for a safe arrival at the shore, he has to have an Orange Spotlight, remaining flexible and employing tactical, high value behaviors to make sure the lighthouse never goes dark. Just for the joy and awe of it, check out some of the world's most beautiful lighthouses.

Keeping the lights on is a noble mission, and every business should have its version of a lighthouse. At Power Pairs, ours is helping you harness the full spectrum of human dynamics. Soft skills can't be automated.


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