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The 49 Power Pairs: Discover Yours

The 49 Power Pairs are made of two dynamics, based on paired combinations of the seven dynamics in the Culture Map by The Culture Institute.

The above graphic shows one of the 49 Power Pairs: Flexible Gardener.

How do I discover my Power Pair?

Power Pairs™ is not a fixed type, like a personality test or values and strengths assessment.

Every person has a dominant dynamic of the seven. That’s called an Anchor. As you learn about the meaning of the seven hexagons, you might feel that more than one of them describes you. The truth is, all individuals, teams, organizations, companies and cultures have all seven in different proportions. But one of them -- your Anchor -- is the most you, most often.

The second dynamic in the pair is called a Spotlight, and it’s contextual to skills you can bring to overcome challenges or meet opportunities you face in that moment. The Anchor remains consistent while the Spotlight should shift over time. The goal of building a Power Pairs practice is to become proficient with all seven Spotlights, to develop focused skills to connect and communicate in ways you might not have imagined possible.

The Spotlight dynamics correspond with our Taxonomy of Soft Skills.

What can I do with my Power Pair?

We have a long history of advising leadership teams and their organizations as they face off against interpersonal friction, market forces, changing customer needs, technology transformation and personal and professional chaos.

You'll discover your Power Pair in a 1:1 session with our team, then your team will be debriefed together. You'll discover the challenges and opportunities revealed by your collective analytics. With enhanced clarity and genuine understanding, your progress will accelerate while your stress decreases. Our method has been refined and simplified over many years. It works.

You evolve all the time. Power Pairs is a dynamic practice. It starts with a conversation.

Soft skills can't be automated.

Imagine a future in which your competitors -- the ones you know about now and the ones you never saw coming -- all have access to the same cheap tools. Your differentiating factor will be your creativity. Creativity is everywhere, all the time, in all of us. It enhances everything, including the smallest and most mundane tasks, such as removing an unnecessary step from a bureaucratic process.

We believe that AI isn't just artificial intelligence. It's Applied Imagination. Imagination applied to our relationship with our creations, each other and ourselves.

Contact us for a team assessment.


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