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Taylor Swift: Visionary Adaptor

Updated: Aug 7, 2023

Taylor Swift is the absolute queen of adaptability, but she channels it through her understanding of how the parts all fit together in the ecosystem she continues to build.

Orange Anchor

In the Power Pairs universe, Taylor Swift has an Orange Anchor. When she was a kid and wanted to be famous, she knew she had to outcompete her peers with something even more original. She started writing her own songs. Then she went further, taking the material from her own diary and giving her growing fanbase something to deeply relate to on a personal level. Orange is the dynamic of ambition, success and adaptability. Every time Taylor packs another stadium or evolves to match her fans' desires, she becomes more Orange.

Aqua Spotlight

But Taylor doesn't just profit personally while her ecosystem serves her. She has a truly Aqua approach to channeling her purpose-driven ambition into the health of the entire ecosystem. She surprised her entire crew with $55 million in bonuses for her Eras Tour. Everyone from dancers to sound technicians benefited from this gesture. This is the ultimate Visionary Adaptor move. Taylor makes an estimated $13 million per night, and the Eras Tour is on pace to gross $1 billion. The people working for her know that. They also know she can't succeed without their effort. Without lights, sound, costumes, dancers, technicians, drivers, a glam squad, an entire universe of people, the performance would fall apart. Without fans, there are no stadium shows. Taylor drives economic bursts in every city where she performs to such an extent the phenomenon is called Swiftonomics. Spreading the wealth isn't just a nice gesture. It's the most strategic way to ensure that Taylor herself will continue leveling up with devoted mutual support from the people who make it possible.


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